Creating Total Job Security When No Job Is Secure

If you’ve ever felt helpless or like you don’t have total control over either

  • the direction of your career
  • the progression of your career

Then in this podcast episode, you’re going to learn how to make yourself bulletproof and infinitely employable, and keep yourself in a position where you can always have job security in an economy where no job is truly secure.

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How To Finally Achieve Your Most Elusive Goals

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Have you achieved every single goal that you’ve ever set in your life, no matter what? Do you have a 100% success rate with goals or are there important areas in your career in your life where you feel like you’ve fallen short of the things you aspire to achieve?

Well, in this episode, I’m giving you my top takeaways on how to gain better clarity and better direction on your goals, PLUS how to take consistent action towards achieving them.

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Tactical Takeaways to Improve Resilience + 4 Ways To Take Action NOW

Welcome to the first ever Tactical Takeaways episode of the podcast. This is a new, experimental episode format that I am hoping will serve as an actionable supplement to the rest of the great conversations and content we’re bringing you every single week.

I say this is a supplementary format, because every full conversation we have on the podcast is always guaranteed to be chock full of entertaining stories, valuable tips, and amazing wisdom from outstanding people. So while I have no desire to ever stop having those conversations, I felt like there was something missing.

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And I felt like what was missing — what I might hope to see from a show that publishes longer conversations that cover a TON of ground — is something that is

  1. Curated: Not a comprehensive summary, rather just some of the most important points from the full conversation
  2. A tight & compact format: Something I can listen to easily on a trip to the store, etc.
  3. Highly actionable: When I listen to other shows, my brain immediately starts wondering “How could I easily put this into practice?” So I wanted to provide examples that you, the listener, could put into action right away.

In this first Tactical Takeaways episode, we’re revisiting the conversation with Resilience and Performance Consultant Neil Wattier back in Episode 45, where I’ll give you my 3 biggest takeaways from our conversation. Then, for takeaway #1, you’ll get to choose from 4 simple tactical actions you can take right now to improve your resilience.

So give it a listen here or on your podcast app, and drop a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this new experimental format!

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How To Craft Your Own Career Path feat. Shirlee Spitzer

In this podcast episode, you’re going to get an amazing conversation with a Director of the People and Experienced team over at VaynerMedia, not to mention someone who’s helped that company grow from a few dozen employees to over 900 employees in just 9 years. While VaynerMedia is not the only company with that kind of growth, it is one of the few to do so while still keeping its culture and the company’s “soul” in-tact and thriving.

We’ll dive into how they managed to go through massive growth as a company while maintaining a great culture, as well as how Shirlee’s unconventional career path can actually serve as a model and a great example if you feel like you’re not exactly on the career path you want to be, or if you’re second-guessing the path you’ve chosen.

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As a senior leader in an outstanding company’s People organization, Shirlee is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and perspective, and I just know you’re going to get a number of great takeaways from this conversation.

Prefer video over audio? Watch the full conversation below!

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