What If It Was ILLEGAL to Follow Your Dreams? feat. Moby Hayat

In the US, the classic depiction of The American Dream goes as follows:
You can come into the country and, through your hard work, determination and resourcefulness, you can create a slice of nearly infinite success for yourself, your family, and your community.

It’s why America has claimed the moniker of “The Land of Opportunity” for so long.

But what if you couldn’t just pursue opportunities? What if your choices were limited, and in fact SO limited that you essentially only had one option and one opportunity.

How would you react if you’d identified amazing opportunities you were dying to pursue, but you weren’t allowed to?

What if you came into this country, and for almost 10 years you were told that you can’t pursue your ideas? Not only that, what if you were told that if you DID pursue your ideas that you would be forced to LEAVE the country?

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The Secret to Meaningful Work feat. Tim “Mr. Meaningful Work” Olaore

This week in the #ProfessionWithPurpose movement, you’re in for a real treat.

My guest is more than a kindred spirit… you might call him my brother-in-arms, as we are both seeking to make ALL this time spent by billions of people WORTH something.

We both want to see as many people as possible find success, fulfillment, and yes MEANING in the way we make a living.

After meeting this gentleman a few short months ago, I couldn’t wait to sit down (or stand up, in my case) and have a chat with him. As expected, our conversation rocked, and it undoubtedly will be the first of many.

I present to you my fantastic conversation with Tim “Mr. Meaningful Work” Olaore.

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Leaning Into Leading feat. Nathan Ryan

How do you confidently sell your freelance graphic design services to an established business when you’re just a teenager?

What do you do when you’re 21 years old, and you find yourself repeatedly sitting across a conference room table from (now former) Disney CEO Bob Iger?

How is it possible to serve as CEO of a Management Consulting Firm (think “Professional Services SWAT Team“) AND serve on multiple city commissions AND co-found an organization dedicated to improving the quality of our political discourse?

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Creating Total Job Security When No Job Is Secure

If you’ve ever felt helpless or like you don’t have total control over either

  • the direction of your career
  • the progression of your career

Then in this podcast episode, you’re going to learn how to make yourself bulletproof and infinitely employable, and keep yourself in a position where you can always have job security in an economy where no job is truly secure.

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How To Finally Achieve Your Most Elusive Goals

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Have you achieved every single goal that you’ve ever set in your life, no matter what? Do you have a 100% success rate with goals or are there important areas in your career in your life where you feel like you’ve fallen short of the things you aspire to achieve?

Well, in this episode, I’m giving you my top takeaways on how to gain better clarity and better direction on your goals, PLUS how to take consistent action towards achieving them.

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How To Craft Your Own Career Path feat. Shirlee Spitzer

In this podcast episode, you’re going to get an amazing conversation with a Director of the People and Experienced team over at VaynerMedia, not to mention someone who’s helped that company grow from a few dozen employees to over 900 employees in just 9 years. While VaynerMedia is not the only company with that kind of growth, it is one of the few to do so while still keeping its culture and the company’s “soul” in-tact and thriving.

We’ll dive into how they managed to go through massive growth as a company while maintaining a great culture, as well as how Shirlee’s unconventional career path can actually serve as a model and a great example if you feel like you’re not exactly on the career path you want to be, or if you’re second-guessing the path you’ve chosen.

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As a senior leader in an outstanding company’s People organization, Shirlee is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and perspective, and I just know you’re going to get a number of great takeaways from this conversation.

Prefer video over audio? Watch the full conversation below!

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How To Know Your Value and Create Career Opportunities feat. Mindy Mercurio

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Mindy Mercurio is a long-time Sales Manager & Leader whose passion for GOOD Leadership led her to establishing herself as a Personal Development Coach helping women create lasting change in their careers and their lives.

Similar to my own journey, in Mindy’s corporate career she found herself in a management position rather accidentally. Also similar to myself, she discovered what Leadership really means by learning a lot of lessons the hard way.

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Investing In Individuals, Teams, and Mental Health First Aid feat. Mischa Walmsley

Do you know how I know you’re going to really enjoy this podcast conversation with Talent Partner & Qualified Mental Health First Aider Mischa Walmsley?

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Here’s just a handful of reasons, off the top of my head:

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Reaching Goals Faster Through Meditation feat. Lori Saitz

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In this episode you’ll hear my conversation with Lori Saitz, a lifelong student of meditation who has discovered a somewhat unconventional way to fast-track the achievement of any goal.

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VaynerMedia VP Katie Sagan on Making a Difference Through Empowering Others

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This episode of the podcast is special, and not just because you’ll hear from VP of People & Operations at VaynerMedia Katie Sagan, though she and her story are quite special in their own right.

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This episode is special because you’ll hear Katie really open up about what it’s like to spend a huge part of your life looking to create an impact in the “conventional” ways we always think about, and then to recognize that sometimes you can impact the world simply by being in a great environment where you can empower others.

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