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This week on the podcast, you’ll get to hear a fun and wide-ranging conversation between me and someone who I honestly met completely by chance. He is the founder of marketing agency Parable Brand Stories Luke Frazier.

Luke and I met and hit it off almost immediately, and in hearing his story it started to become clear as to why.

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Luke Frazier epitomizes a journey towards Profession With Purpose, as someone who has jumped around from industry to industry, checking out and trying/doing a number of different things, and then taking the lessons & realizations from his experiences and bringing them all together to recognize & take advantage of opportunities where others may only see obstacles.
Our conversation touches a wide range of topics, including

  • The overwhelming power of expressing your personal story and your company’s story to connect with your ideal people
  • How self-imposed pressure can lead you to achievements beyond what you ever thought possible
  • The upsides AND the downsides of being humble
  • Owning your expertise and experiences at all levels of professional development

I’m positive you’re going to enjoy and get a lot of great takeaways from this episode, and also be sure to connect with Luke Frazier & the Parable Brand Stories team and let him know you heard about him on the podcast!

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