How do you confidently sell your freelance graphic design services to an established business when you’re just a teenager?

What do you do when you’re 21 years old, and you find yourself repeatedly sitting across a conference room table from (now former) Disney CEO Bob Iger?

How is it possible to serve as CEO of a Management Consulting Firm (think “Professional Services SWAT Team“) AND serve on multiple city commissions AND co-found an organization dedicated to improving the quality of our political discourse?

If you’re Nathan Ryan, you use every opportunity presented to you as a chance to be curious, open minded, and an eternal student.

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I’m extremely pleased and honored to share my conversation with my friend & fellow Austinite Nathan Ryan with you.

Nathan is the co-founder and the CEO of Blue Sky Partners, which is “an on-demand executive team for your business” that’s focused on values, growth, culture, and scale from the ground up.

Nathan’s also heavily involved in the local community here in Austin, having been a member and a commissioner on a number of city commissions.
He’s also the Co-Founder of Good Politics, an organization which seeks to make the democratic process more approachable, human, and fun.

By now, I’m sure it’s becoming quite evident to you that this is a man who is invested in helping his community and those around him, and I just know you’re going to really enjoy listening in on our conversation.

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