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Have you achieved every single goal that you’ve ever set in your life, no matter what? Do you have a 100% success rate with goals or are there important areas in your career in your life where you feel like you’ve fallen short of the things you aspire to achieve?

Well, in this episode, I’m giving you my top takeaways on how to gain better clarity and better direction on your goals, PLUS how to take consistent action towards achieving them.

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In this episode of the Rebase podcast (Apple | Spotify | Stitcher | Google) we’re revisiting a previous conversation that we had on the show with Krista Large back in episode 33. And Krista’s story was really remarkable. She is a health and wellness coach that focuses on consistency, sustainability, and accountability to help her clients achieve life-changing transformation in their physical health.

And we got to talk with Krista about her journey and about how she got to this point. So if you haven’t listened to that episode with Krista, then I definitely recommend going back and checking out episode 33 as well.

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