This week in the #ProfessionWithPurpose movement, you’re in for a real treat.

My guest is more than a kindred spirit… you might call him my brother-in-arms, as we are both seeking to make ALL this time spent by billions of people WORTH something.

We both want to see as many people as possible find success, fulfillment, and yes MEANING in the way we make a living.

After meeting this gentleman a few short months ago, I couldn’t wait to sit down (or stand up, in my case) and have a chat with him. As expected, our conversation rocked, and it undoubtedly will be the first of many.

I present to you my fantastic conversation with Tim “Mr. Meaningful Work” Olaore.

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In this conversation, you’re going to hear:

  • How a lack of focus — and then a conscious decision TO focus — led Tim to his calling as Mr. Meaningful Work
  • Why his unconventional approach to creating content both takes the pressure off of him AND makes him more accountable
  • How his childhood experiences — moving around a lot, having to make friends quickly, etc. — provided him with key skills that not a lot of people possess (and I know this from experience)
  • What the most important things are to focus on when building new relationships
  • The mystery “celebrity” that Tim spent SIX YEARS chasing down before booking him on his show
  • SOOO much more

Check out the links below to connect and learn more about Tim Olaore and his Mr. Meaningful Work projects, including Meaningful Mondays, The Meaningful Work Matrix, and The Late Afternoon Show

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