If you’ve ever felt helpless or like you don’t have total control over either

  • the direction of your career
  • the progression of your career

Then in this podcast episode, you’re going to learn how to make yourself bulletproof and infinitely employable, and keep yourself in a position where you can always have job security in an economy where no job is truly secure.

This episode (Apple | Spotify | Stitcher | Google) is another one of our “Tactical Takeaways” episodes. And in this episode, I’m going to review a previous episode that we released with Katie Sagan, the VP of the People and Experience Team over at VaynerMedia, just a few episodes back.

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As a reminder, this won’t be a all-encompassing recap of our conversation, but I am going to go over my Top 3 Takeaways from my conversation with Katie and hearing her story. These takeaways are not just going to be fluff, or something to inspire you… no, they’re going to be really tactical things and things that you can actually take action on.

Once we actually get to the top #1 takeaway, you’re going to get an action item, something tactical, something that you can actually take action on NOW if you want to create this certainty and you want to create the security in your employment.

And I have to tell you: it was really difficult to narrow the list of takeaways from my conversation with Katie to just three things. I mean, our conversation was amazing, and there were so many things that we can talk about, like

  • the characteristics of finding/creating a really special place to work
  • how to make sure that you’ve got great access up and down the chain of command across the company
  • what a “boomerang” is and why it’s so valuable
  • what to do whenever there are disagreements between you and your higher ups (or between you and your direct reports)
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Regardless, I think you’re really gonna like what these 3 takeaways are going to teach you, and how you can take action on them and actually improve the trajectory of your career, while also improving the conditions that you’re working in right now. To learn more about the above topics and all of Katie’s wisdom, check out Episode 46 “Making a Difference By Empowering Others”.

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