Training Your Mind To Be Resilient feat. Neil Wattier

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I’m really excited to share this conversation with you, in particular because it’s about a topic that has come up a lot during the COVID pandemic. In the face of lockdowns, quarantine, economic change and uncertainty, it seems like everybody’s talking about the concept of resilience, and specifically

  • Why folks like yourself should become more resilient
  • How you might have benefitted from already being more resilient than you currently are
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I’ve been fascinated by this idea of resilience for the past decade or so, in trying to understand it better and really to better equip myself and those around me to be as resilient as possible.

But what is resilience, really? What does it really mean? What is the big deal with resilience, and why is it important? How can it help you in your career and in your life?

As you’ll see, we will cover all of that and more in this conversation Resilience Trainer and Performance Consultant Neil Wattier, who will show you how you can grow and thrive through stress and adversity while propelling your performance from good to great.

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