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  • What If It Was ILLEGAL to Follow Your Dreams? feat. Moby Hayat
    In the US, the classic depiction of The American Dream goes as follows:You can come into the country and, through your hard work, determination and resourcefulness, you can create a slice of nearly infinite success for yourself, your family, and your community. It’s why America has claimed the moniker of “The Land of Opportunity” for so long. But what if you couldn’t just pursue opportunities? What if your choices were limited, and in fact SO … Read more
  • Connecting With The Power Of Your Story feat. Luke Frazier
    Have you rated and reviewed the show yet? It’s like leaving us a tip, only it’s free! Go to This week on the podcast, you’ll get to hear a fun and wide-ranging conversation between me and someone who I honestly met completely by chance. He is the founder of marketing agency Parable Brand Stories Luke Frazier. Luke and I met and hit it off almost immediately, and in hearing his story it started to become … Read more
  • The Secret to Meaningful Work feat. Tim “Mr. Meaningful Work” Olaore
    This week in the #ProfessionWithPurpose movement, you’re in for a real treat. My guest is more than a kindred spirit… you might call him my brother-in-arms, as we are both seeking to make ALL this time spent by billions of people WORTH something. We both want to see as many people as possible find success, fulfillment, and yes MEANING in the way we make a living. After meeting this gentleman a few short months ago, … Read more
  • Leaning Into Leading feat. Nathan Ryan
    How do you confidently sell your freelance graphic design services to an established business when you’re just a teenager? What do you do when you’re 21 years old, and you find yourself repeatedly sitting across a conference room table from (now former) Disney CEO Bob Iger? How is it possible to serve as CEO of a Management Consulting Firm (think “Professional Services SWAT Team“) AND serve on multiple city commissions AND co-found an organization dedicated … Read more
  • Why You Need to STOP Focusing On What You DON’T Want
    Have you joined the Profession With Purpose Community yet? It’s 100% FREE! If there was a common behavioral flaw that literally everyone makes, wouldn’t you want to know what it is? And if that mistake could actually prevent you from implementing behavioral changes and improvements that you want to make in your life, wouldn’t you really want to know how to avoid it? Well, in this episode, you’re going to learn exactly what that mistake … Read more
  • How Unleashing Creativity Leads to Transformative Business Results feat. Natalie Nixon
    If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Rebase Show, well Rebase is the show for #ProfessionWithPurpose. And, well, the purpose of this show is to equip you with the tools, the tips, stories, and the wisdom that’s going to help you create more success and more fulfillment in your career & in your life. To be completely transparent, I’m super excited to be able to share this conversation with you that I … Read more
  • Creating Total Job Security When No Job Is Secure
    If you’ve ever felt helpless or like you don’t have total control over either the direction of your career-OR- the progression of your career Then in this podcast episode, you’re going to learn how to make yourself bulletproof and infinitely employable, and keep yourself in a position where you can always have job security in an economy where no job is truly secure.
  • How To Finally Achieve Your Most Elusive Goals
    (Have you joined the Profession With Purpose Community on Facebook yet? It’s 100% free, so join the conversation now!) Have you achieved every single goal that you’ve ever set in your life, no matter what? Do you have a 100% success rate with goals or are there important areas in your career in your life where you feel like you’ve fallen short of the things you aspire to achieve? Well, in this episode, I’m giving … Read more
  • Tactical Takeaways to Improve Resilience + 4 Ways To Take Action NOW
    Welcome to the first ever Tactical Takeaways episode of the podcast. This is a new, experimental episode format that I am hoping will serve as an actionable supplement to the rest of the great conversations and content we’re bringing you every single week. I say this is a supplementary format, because every full conversation we have on the podcast is always guaranteed to be chock full of entertaining stories, valuable tips, and amazing wisdom from … Read more
  • How To Craft Your Own Career Path feat. Shirlee Spitzer
    In this podcast episode, you’re going to get an amazing conversation with a Director of the People and Experienced team over at VaynerMedia, not to mention someone who’s helped that company grow from a few dozen employees to over 900 employees in just 9 years. While VaynerMedia is not the only company with that kind of growth, it is one of the few to do so while still keeping its culture and the company’s “soul” … Read more