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  • Grow Your Career In 5 Minutes Per Week with Armida Markarova
    This week I’m extremely excited to bring you this conversation with A certified conflict analysis and resolution mediator An award-winning strategist and brand builder Someone who’s worked for over 15 years in executive leadership positions Someone who’s recognized as a professional development expert by Reader’s Digest, Thrive Global, MSN money, MSN news, and so many more A frequent speaker at organizations and universities An expert at helping people develop professional aspirations and achieve their dreams… … Continue reading Grow Your Career In 5 Minutes Per Week with Armida Markarova
  • Talent + Leadership = Victory … With “The Talent War” Authors Mike Sarraille & George Randle
    Whether on the the battlefield or in business, victory — consistent, repeated victory — is achieved by teams of talented people. But what is “talent”? How do you define it? How do you identify it? How do you even begin to know how to look for it? In this episode, you’ll hear my conversation with Mike Sarraille and George Randle, the co-authors of the upcoming book “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations … Continue reading Talent + Leadership = Victory … With “The Talent War” Authors Mike Sarraille & George Randle
  • DO THIS To Find Purpose and Meaning
    You deserve a job that matters. A career that is engaging, fulfilling… doing work that is meaningful. You deserve to do more than just clock in and clock out. Well, what if I told you that meaningful work might be where you least expect it?
  • You Were Built For MORE Than Just Survival
    A lot of folks are just trying to survive right now And I don’t want to discount the importance of ensuring your own survival, your own safety, and the survival of those you care about. But I want you to know that you are built for MORE than that. You are built for more than just survival You are built for more than collecting a steady, “reliable” paycheck.
  • Let’s Address COVID Loneliness
    In this episode, we’re going to dive into the ongoing struggle with how isolation and loneliness show up in the workplace. Less than 2-3 years ago, we dedicated an entire episode to discussing possible solutions to the common struggles associated with people being lonely in the workplace. Because of the extenuating circumstances of the COVID pandemic, loneliness as an epidemic has not only gotten worse, but it has surfaced in a ton of new ways … Continue reading Let’s Address COVID Loneliness
  • Should You Manage People?
    “Do I truly want to enter into management?” “Should I become a manager?” “What do I need to know before I make my decision?” “What are the things no one tells you about management before you become one?” “How can I know whether or not I’ll like it?”
  • The ONE and ONLY Thing You Need To Be A Leader
    I field a lot of questions from people about Leadership. “How will I know when I’m ready for a leadership position?” “What if I don’t have a leadership title?” “What if I get the opportunity to lead, but I don’t know how to lead?” I think about this idea of “Leadership Readiness” ALL… THE… TIME. And after decades of experience and observation, I’ve come to a conclusion.
  • Mastering The Career Pivot with Reena Friedman Watts
    How do you change careers? What’s the right strategy, the proper approach, the winning tactics? Well, if you’re this week’s guest Reena Friedman Watts, it starts with one simple belief: “I could do that.” All too often, it seems we are our own worst enemy. LImited beliefs, negative self-talk, and self-sabotage can be a very real thing. For Reena, though, the support she found from her dad propelled her into a mosaic career that can … Continue reading Mastering The Career Pivot with Reena Friedman Watts
  • Your Job Search Questions… Answered
    One thing that has become obvious in my time exploring the Recruiting & Hiring industry is how much of a disconnect there is between Job-Seekers and their potential Employers. More often than not, this disconnect typically leads to a lot of distrust, blaming, finger-pointing, and more importantly: a LOT of confusion and a LOT of questions. In this podcast episode I’ve decided to answer a handful of those questions I see frequently in one form … Continue reading Your Job Search Questions… Answered
  • Best Practices of High-Performing Teams
    Is there a more rewarding feeling than knowing you are a part of a team that operates and performs at a high level? For my money, it’s one of the absolute best feelings in the world. In this special episode, you’re going to get to hear a recording I managed to dig up from a talk I was privileged enough to deliver at Austin Startup Week back in late 2018. And while the title of … Continue reading Best Practices of High-Performing Teams