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  • Your Struggles Can Become Your Strength with Krista Large
    In this episode, you’ll hear my conversation with the fantastic Krista Large, founder of Living Large Wellness. I know you’re going to have a ton of takeaways from this episode, and several potential shifts in your perspective on your career path and creating changes in your life. Some of the key moments & themes in our conversation include Krista’s curiosity-powered mindset of “I’ll try it and see how it goes” Spending years feeling driven but … Continue reading Recent PostsRead more
  • Forget the Expectations, Choose Your Life, and Thrive On with CJ Finley
    In this week’s podcast episode, I’m very excited to have a conversation with somebody who I believe really embodies the very ideas of profession with purpose, for a number of reasons. CJ’s path really embodies profession with purpose for a handful of reasons… and when I looked at his career history… he didn’t come straight out of school, knowing exactly what it was he wanted to do. From what I can tell, he didn’t have … Continue reading Recent PostsRead more
  • Navigating The Future Of Work With Elatia Abate
    Multi-time guest and long-time friend of the Rebase podcast Elatia Abate is back, and in this critically important episode we discuss how “The Future Of Work” is no longer some mythical thing coming sometime in the future. No, The Future Of Work is here now, and ready or not it’s time to prepare ourselves.
  • From Laid-Off To Startup Employee To Startup Founder – A Conversation With Home Run Dugout CEO Nick Hermandorfer
    It is April 2020 and, in just 4 weeks time, 22 Million Americans suddenly find themselves unemployed. And there is a TON of uncertainty swirling about, and no doubt it is definitely warranted. And for many of us, this is not the first time in our professional lives where we’ve seen such a dramatic downturn in the economy, resulting in massive layoffs and entire businesses going under. So while we’ve never experienced this type of … Continue reading Recent PostsRead more
  • Shift To Managing 100% Remotely Like A CHAMP — Use These Questions To Guide You
    If you’re a Manager, Team Lead, or Executive who is suddenly faced with leading a completely distributed & remote team, then you might be feeling a bit out of your element. By answering the questions posed in this post honestly & truthfully, you too can become a CHAMPION at leading people in a remote environment.
  • My Most Valuable Leadership Lesson Came From My Greatest Hiring Failure
    One of the most confusing and confounding bad hires I ever made taught me my most important hiring AND leadership lesson. I was a few months into my first executive role at a Startup here in Austin, and ensuring that we hired quality, talented Software Engineers was ultimately my responsibility.  We’d just hired a mid-level software engineer who’d come over from a much larger tech company, and while they were clearly bright and technically capable, … Continue reading Recent PostsRead more
  • The “Culture Fit” Fix
    (If you love the Rebase podcast, please leave us a review at YOU are the KEY to helping more people discover a “Profession With Purpose”. The more people we can reach with the podcast, the larger and more meaningful a impact we can make, and reviews are the lifeblood of podcast exposure.) Is your unspoken definition of “culture fit” actually hurting your organization? Is it possible that your current approach in assessing a candidate’s … Continue reading Recent PostsRead more
  • How This CPA Combined His Passion And His Profession
    In this episode, you’ll hear a conversation with a real Rebase listener who has made a career shift towards fulfillment… by combining his expertise as an accountant with a passion for aviation.
  • Why Most Meetings Suck
    In this episode, we’re going to talk a little bit about meetings. Meetings are one of those things that, just by their nature, people think that they’re inherently bad… and that if you have too many meetings it means that meetings are useless, and if you could have ZERO meetings then everything would be great.
  • Part II – Where To Find Your Next Great Hire (Or Your Next Great Job)
    Are you a Startup or Small Business looking to hire, but feel like you’re wasting a ton of time and effort? Or are you a Job-Seeker, getting sick and tired of submitting your resume dozens of times and hearing crickets?