Let’s Address COVID Loneliness

In this episode, we’re going to dive into the ongoing struggle with how isolation and loneliness show up in the workplace. Less than 2-3 years ago, we dedicated an entire episode to discussing possible solutions to the common struggles associated with people being lonely in the workplace. Because of the extenuating circumstances of the COVID pandemic, loneliness as an epidemic has not only gotten worse, but it has surfaced in a ton of new ways as well.

That’s why it made a ton of sense to revisit key from this earlier episode that are more applicable now than ever before.

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Take Control Of Your Job Search

Right now in the US alone, tens of millions of people suddenly find themselves unemployed. And a lot of people on both sides of the recruiting equation are coming to me with questions and complaints, whether they are trying to upgrade their recruiting efforts, or they’re trying to figure out how to find a new job.

And all of these frustrations are completely understandable. I know how easy it is to get more and more frustrated with each passing day. I also knew that I wanted to do something to help. So in this post, you’re going to learn how to create important mindset shifts as well as implementing some simple tactical tips that will upgrade your job search, supercharging your efforts so that you can find the job of your dreams.

What you’re going to find in this podcast episode is perhaps not exactly what you’d expect. I’m not giving you exactly a list of step-by-step instructions to follow that are going to guarantee that you”ll find your next job.

Instead, what I’d like to do is just provide some simple advice based on decades of experience. It may challenge the way you think about finding a job, forcing you to look at things a little bit differently. I will, however, also provide you with a few different actions that you can take and advice on how to focus your efforts. These things together will lead you to having a much more pleasant experience, while also finding better job opportunities in less time and with less overall effort.

Let me know your thoughts on this episode in the comments!

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Forget the Expectations, Choose Your Life, and Thrive On with CJ Finley

In this week’s podcast episode, I’m very excited to have a conversation with somebody who I believe really embodies the very ideas of profession with purpose, for a number of reasons.

CJ’s path really embodies profession with purpose for a handful of reasons… and when I looked at his career history… he didn’t come straight out of school, knowing exactly what it was he wanted to do. From what I can tell, he didn’t have a path set. He didn’t have a clear direction of exactly what he wanted to do.

Stream Forget The Expectations, Choose Your Life And Thrive On With CJ Finley

And I think that what is most important for the listeners of this show is to realize that

… if you feel directionless

… or you feel like you’re lacking a little purpose

…. or you want to find things out, then it’s okay not to know right now.

And you don’t have to figure out life before you find those things out.

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Email CJFinley@thriveonlife.com

Watch the Live Stream of “Engineering Excellence: Best Practices of High-Performing Teams”

This week October 1st-5th is the 2018 Austin Startup Week, featuring loads of great events, content, and connections within the Austin Startup community.

On Tuesday afternoon, Shaun had the opportunity to present on a topic he’s highly passionate about: how to become a high-performing team. The host, Capital Factory, streamed the entire Developer track for the day, so you can checkout Shaun’s talk through this link, or just click Play above!

Building great software is often simple, but it’s almost never easy.

Taking a product idea and bringing it to fruition is fraught with peril. Understanding your customers, coming up with designs, defining clear goals, understanding complexity, dealing with roadblocks, squashing bugs, accurately tracking performance metrics and product maintenance are just a handful of the things that can cause major headaches.

We believe that things can and should be easier. A lot easier. So whether it’s making sure you’re hiring the right team or delivering the right products in the most effective way possible, our services are designed to maximize the true potential of your entire organization.