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This episode of the podcast is special, and not just because you’ll hear from VP of People & Operations at VaynerMedia Katie Sagan, though she and her story are quite special in their own right.

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This episode is special because you’ll hear Katie really open up about what it’s like to spend a huge part of your life looking to create an impact in the “conventional” ways we always think about, and then to recognize that sometimes you can impact the world simply by being in a great environment where you can empower others.

In our conversation, we’ll cover topics like

  • What it feels like to have a great corporate culture
  • Why business is poised to create the greatest global impact
  • What it’s like to have (multiple) bosses who disagree with you … and STILL have your back
  • What a “boomerang” is … and why it’s both a sign of a great work environment AND a nice personal confidence boost
  • How to build an army of career advocates, for yourself and for others
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