Where To Find Your Next Great Hire (Or Your Next Great Job) Part I

Whenever we identify a Hiring need in our organization, a bunch of questions naturally come to mind:

  • What’s our budget for this role
  • Will it be Full-Time or Part-Time?
  • Contract or FT Employee?
  • What are the responsibilities of the position?
  • What are skills we need in this job?
  • What type of person is ideal for the role?

Then there is the Question we almost never ask:

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Stop Waiting For PERMISSION To Grow or Change Your Career

Outside of my business, where I work primarily with folks on the Employer side of things, I spend a lot of my outside time mentoring and guiding folks who are trying to either progress in their current career OR make a career shift.

Sometimes that shift is a minor one, and sometimes it’s a complete career change. Inevitably, by the time I’m talking with them they’ve reached a sticking point, or they’re in a rut, or they’re completely stuck and disenfranchised.

And while everyone’s situation is unique, I almost always here some version of the same few things.

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Simple Employee Retention Strategies That Nobody Talks About

Employee Turnover has become an epidemic.

Every single year, Retention rates drop and Turnover seems to find a way to set a new record high.

Companies finally seem to be taking notice, too, and implementing so-called “Employee Retention measures” to reduce the costs and pain associated with high turnover. But are these tactics really effective?

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The REAL Cause of Hiring Pains, Pt II

In this episode, we keep the ball rolling on the 10 Biggest REAL Causes of our Hiring Struggles, Pain, and Frustration. These are the things we’re doing to ourselves without realizing it that hinder or outright sabotage our Recruitment efforts.

The truth of the matter is that we can blame external factors all we want, but these things aren’t within the scope of our control or influence. And it doesn’t matter one bit how much these external conditions change … if we’re still repeatedly shooting ourselves in the foot, putting ourselves at a major disadvantage, by falling prey to one or more of these behaviors.

In Part I, we reviewed half of these 10 Culprits, and in Part II we’re gonna wrap up the list by counting down Numbers 5 through 1.

As we finish off this list, you may start to see the relationships between these culprits … and how tackling one or more of these Pains can actually reduce or completely eliminate the effects of another that is also currently prevalent in your organization.

This episode is supported by my Free Course “Hire Faster Stronger: THE Crash Course on High-Performance Hiring”. Request access to the Crash Course to also receive an invite to our exclusive community specifically for driven Leaders just like you.

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The REAL Causes of Hiring Pain, Part I

The Rebase Podcast is BACK after far too long a hiatus, and we’re getting things going again in style with a 2-Part series on what really causes all the pain & frustration Employers feel around Recruiting the right people.

All too often, when I speak with Companies about Hiring, their natural assumption is that the culprits responsible for their struggles are external factors.

Here’s the reality, though:

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