I field a lot of questions from people about Leadership.

“How will I know when I’m ready for a leadership position?”

“What if I don’t have a leadership title?”

“What if I get the opportunity to lead, but I don’t know how to lead?”

I think about this idea of “Leadership Readiness” ALL… THE… TIME. And after decades of experience and observation, I’ve come to a conclusion.

Stream “The ONE And ONLY Thing You Need To Be A Leader”

Being a leader doesn’t come down to titles, readiness, certifications, preparation, pedigree, or any of that. In the end, it comes down to just ONE key factor. And that’s what this episode is all about.

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Show Notes

03:01 – Transitioning into my second full-time job, landing in a rut

04:15 – The one thing that pulled me out of my rut

06:33 – Dispelling the common myths & misconceptions about Leadership “requirements”

07:44 – The one thing you need to have

10:00 – Tackling the common limiting beliefs around your Leadership “qualifications”

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