How do you change careers? What’s the right strategy, the proper approach, the winning tactics?

Well, if you’re this week’s guest Reena Friedman Watts, it starts with one simple belief:

“I could do that.”

All too often, it seems we are our own worst enemy. LImited beliefs, negative self-talk, and self-sabotage can be a very real thing. For Reena, though, the support she found from her dad propelled her into a mosaic career that can only be understood through hearing her story.

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She became a producer at Jerry Springer without even having a scheduled interview.

She been a part of countless TV pilots and spent years in Hollywood on many successful shows like Nanny 911.

She’s worked corporate executive jobs, been involved with non-profits, has booked and promoted events for a veritable who’s-who of Entertainment and Internet fame.

And in her latest move, she’s stepping out from behind the scenes with her own instant-smash-hit podcast “Better Call Daddy”.

You won’t want to miss this conversation.

Reena’s podcast Better Call Daddy

Better Call Daddy on Instagram @bettercalldaddypodcast

Connect with Reena Friedman Watts: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

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