Before working with Shaun, I felt … there was just a lack of confidence, I never had a system, and I’m very systems-oriented and for someone who doesn’t have an outline of 1-2-3-4 and a checklist to go down, I was just winging it. And it’s not smart to wing it when it comes to Hiring, because it’s very expensive, and I have learned that the hard way.

And now I just feel so much more confident in what I’m doing. I have some direction. And I have an expert to go to, someone who’s made thousands of hires and seen probably millions of resumes

If you’re evaluating your hiring process, or auditing it, or looking for help, whether it’s to look for one key new employee or to build out an entire department, I’d definitely recommend investing

― Zee Ali, “Founder & Janitor” @ ZSwag