Hiring Good People = Difficult, Time-Consuming and Expensive. 

Hiring the WRONG people is even MORE expensive, and a sub-par recruiting process will scare away the best talent.

If you’re trying to grow your team with the RIGHT people, you’re probably sick of competing for talent with larger companies that have amazing perks, deep pockets and strong brand recognition.

We understand.

Nobody should have to settle for applicants nobody else wants, and you shouldn’t have to hack together a recruiting process that may or may not work.


Hire the people you DESERVE.

COMPETE for talent with the big names and industry giants

Become CONFIDENT that you’re drafting the right players for a winning team.

Set yourself apart and become a DESTINATION EMPLOYER.

Our Rockstar Recruiting Services Include:

Staffing Assessments

Gain assurance that who you’re trying to hire fits in with your strategy in the short-, medium- and long-term.

Get another set of eyes on your plan to ensure you’re also looking past just the next couple hires.

Understand all possible options.

Develop a strategic vision, and a tactical plan to execute toward your vision.

Custom Job Postings

Your position advertisement is all a candidate typically gets to form a first impression of your organization and whether they want to join your team. Do you want to blend in with your competitors, or do you want to stand out?

Job postings are long. They’re dryboring and often misleading.

We leverage the psychology of influence and persuasion to tailor job postings that connect with candidates, so that you can

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Stop losing potential applicants to confusion and boredom
  • Get more responses from talent that’s both interested AND qualified.

Hands-on Interviewer Workshops

One of the easiest and most common ways to lose a candidate is in the actual interview process. If they have to answer odd, boring, cliché, or inappropriate questions, they might make up their mind before you ever get to the offer stage. The candidate’s experience is critical to securing the right talent for the future of your organization.

The single best way to both scale your candidate screening process AND ensure you’re making the right hires is to leverage the people you already know and trust.

The problem is that some of them have interview experience. Some have none. And they certainly are not aligned with your organization’s expectations on what constitutes a “great hire”.

They all have different approaches, and a lack of cohesion will stick out like a sore thumb and scare away the top talent you need.

Yet you can gain an expert team of interviewers with just a small commitment to training, AND you can develop a culture where peer-reviewed candidates are evaluated with an attention to quality & detail that surpass even your expectations.

How would you like to:

  • Trust your staff to evaluate candidates?
  • Get more of your time back?
  • Stop wasting time & money trying to fail your way into a great process?
  • Evaluate talent efficiently and successfully?
  • Make confident hiring decisions faster?

Uniquely-Engineered Skills Exercises

Wouldn’t you prefer to spend time testing candidates with questions that

  • Challenge them?
  • Give them insight into what they’d be working on?
  • Provide you with actionable feedback?

Instead of wasting time with technical exercises that don’t really tell you what you need to make a hiring decision, you can get a comprehensive candidate evaluation, easily compare/grade/rank potential hires, and be confident you’re hiring someone who’s up to the many challenges your organization faces. 

Fully Custom Interview Experience Design

Your company isn’t “cookie-cutter,” and it certainly is anything but ordinary. So why should ordinary describe your candidate experience?

We will work within the constraints of your company size & structure to design an interview process that won’t disrupt your day-to-day but will, in fact, enhance your overall effectiveness.

We also want every candidate — even those who don’t meet your standards — to be a raving fan of your interview process, making them a word-of-mouth force-of-nature for your team and your recruiting efforts.

Your entire recruiting process should be an expression of your culture, and we’re confident you want to break from the pack and be known as a destination employer.

Technical interview exercises can be a critical tool, but they can also be a deterrent if not designed and executed properly.

Talk to Us:

We’ve spent thousands of hours sourcing, interviewing and hiring top talent, not to mention constantly tweaking and experimenting with evaluation processes to know what works and what simply doesn’t.

  1. Tell us who you are and who you’re trying to hire.
  2. We’ll schedule a no-hassle introductory consultation.
  3. YOU can decide which solutions work for you.

An Example:

Average Software Engineer Salary: $105,000
Insurance, Benefits & Other Costs: +30%
Average Recruiter Placement Fee: +$21,000

Employing the WRONG person for just 3 months can easily cost you over $55,000!