The ONE Question on EVERY Candidate’s Mind


As a leader, you’re responsible for a lot. And you’re responsible many times with having the answers to various questions. And these questions may come from your superiors, they may come from your team, they might come from your customers. That is simply part of the process of being a leader and part and parcel of our responsibilities as being leaders for other people.

Sometimes you have to track down the answer. Sometimes you have the answer yourself, but being able to provide an answer to a question is a responsibility of any great leader and when it comes to hiring, to building and growing your team.

In particular, whenever you have that candidate in your interview process, a question that they have, whether they ask it directly or not, is going to be one of the key questions that you need to be able to answer culturally and technically as part of their fit in your organization.

And that question is simple in its nature, but not always the easiest question to answer. I want to provide you with this question so that you can start thinking about  it, and maybe taking some notes on what the possible answers could be.

That question is simply this, if I’m a candidate and I am looking to join your organization and be a part of your team, the question that I have deep down is:

Who do I get to be if I come and work with you?

I know that sounds a little deep or a little philosophical. “Who do I get to be if I come to work with you?” There could be a lot of different answers to this question.

Do they get to be bold? Do they get to be curious? Do they get to be a leader? Do they get to be a mentor? Do they get to be a student?

Do they get to be a part of a team that is truly making a huge impact in changing the world? Do they get to be somebody who fills a lot of different roles? Do they get to be somebody who has a very clear, strict set of responsibilities?

So, think about this question. “Who do I get to be if I come to work with you?” Think about it, start taking some notes on the answers, leave a comment if you want to.

Really getting clear on the answer to that question will in-and-of-itself change the way you look at your recruiting efforts, at your team growth efforts, being able to have clearer answers on those.

It doesn’t have to be a one or two word answer, but getting really, really clear on that internally will do wonders for your team growth.

Once again, “Who do I get to be if I come to work with you?” Your answer will shine a bright light on who exactly it is that you’re looking to hire.

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