You Need a Game Plan

Your business operates using a collection of distinct strategies & systems that are unique to your organization.

You have Marketing Strategies.

You have Product Development Strategies.

You have Sales Strategies,  Financial Game Plans, and even Customer Service Playbooks (you may call them “Standard Operating Procedures”).

So WHY would you just completely wing it when it comes to recruiting the people you need to help your business survive, thrive, and grow?

We’ve found that most companies “wing it” simply because they never knew there was a better way.

This is not uncommon at all, and in fact company founder Shaun P. Martin was using the “wing it” approach in his first executive role trying to hire Software Engineers.

If you’re like most Small Business leaders (and like Shaun was), you post something that looks & sounds fairly generic on Job Boards or Social Media, and then you sit back and HOPE the right person eventually comes along.

Well, as the saying goes, “Hope is not an effective strategy.”

ESPECIALLY not when Hiring is even a little urgent or time-sensitive.

The Hiring Landscape Has CHANGED

The speed at which businesses must operate has accelerated dramatically over the past several decades, and it’s only going to get faster. We’ve identified a few fundamental truths that must be observed & understood in order to attract the talented people who can help you grow:

  1. New types of Jobs & Job Titles are popping up ALL the time, and universities can’t possibly keep up. That means that there’s no formal training for positions like “Social Media Manager” or “E-Commerce Account Manager”
  2. Because the Career landscape is so dynamic, the same Job Title can mean completely different things in different organizations. Employees with the same title at different companies will develop different skills & expertise. 
  3. Startups & Small Businesses have radically different needs than big, slow-moving corporations. If you have positions you need to fill, odds are you needed to hire someone yesterday. So then WHY would you waste your time using the same slow, inefficient practices used by those same corporations
  4. You need a results-driven Game Plan that allows you to streamline & shortcut your Hiring efforts, while also conserving your valuable time, money, and resources.