It made me rethink — or even just actually think — about the message to the person reading the job req.

Nick Parker, CTO @ Everlywell

Hiring the wrong people in your organization can be deadly, so before taking any action you might regret later, I recommend you seek out any advice you can get from Shaun. His knowledge and expertise on building a dream team of employees is matched only by his energy and enthusiasm for the topic. Any interaction … Continue reading David Blaise, Author & Business Growth Expert

David Blaise, Author & Business Growth Expert

Before working with Shaun, I felt … there was just a lack of confidence, I never had a system, and I’m very systems-oriented and for someone who doesn’t have an outline of 1-2-3-4 and a checklist to go down, I was just winging it. And it’s not smart to wing it when it comes to … Continue reading Zee Ali, “Founder & Janitor” @ ZSwag

Zee Ali, “Founder & Janitor” @ ZSwag

Thank you! Really clear on the perspective of the candidate — be more engaged with their need.

Annabelle Arteaga, Ph.D., Organizational Consultant @ Millvale, Inc.