Are You Held Captive By Your Own Success?

You became a successful business owner or executive because you’re an achiever. A problem-solver. Someone who has a vision and delivers results.

You’re the expert in your business … the one person with all the knowledge, skills & insights to tackle every-day challenges.

But companies don’t become Great through the expertise of one person. Great Companies succeed because of Championship Teams willing to do what it takes, together, to win.

Many of the problems you’re solving today … the questions you’re answering … they don’t resemble the big, ambitious, impactful problems that inspired you to start down this path in the first place.

You can’t make it from your office to the car without being stopped by a dozen people who need your expertise, your input, or your approval.

And while it feels good to be needed … and you love being helpful … you also feel like you’re being held captive by that same expertise.

Here’s the dirty secret: “Being helpful” in this way is actually hurting your staff, your business and your customers. If you don’t DO something about it, you could inflict irreparable damage upon all of them.

The same behaviors that led to your success could lead to your downfall.